Within 15 years EVERY business, hotel, motel, house, apartment building, strata complex will need EV charging.

Solar energy will play a large part in your future. Keeping your energy costs down and protecting the environment as the same time.

Never has there been a better time to go solar.

With low-interest rates and low solar installation costs, from micro Solar or micro PV array installations to large commercial installations, we are a complete turnkey solar and electrical service we handle everything from permit applications to warranty and monitoring.

We offer an exceptionally reliable and honest prediction to what you will receive in electric production.

We use several models and most of all previous installs and my years of knowledge I give you an honest educated prediction of what you will get not your best years but an average that is exceptionally reliable.

Residential Solar

All houses are not created equal when it comes to solar.

Houses that have east-west or south unshaded roofs or extraordinarily little shading are crucial solar panels can be also mounted on the ground or on the wall there are several options.

And remember bigger isn’t always better we will design a system best suited to your needs.

Net metering the program is changing evolving we will explain and design a system best suited to your needs and the future of net metering.

Whether your goals are to help the environment or to just to save money on your bill We work together with u to come up with your best solar solution

Commercial Solar

We specialize in unique out of the box ideas for our commercial customers whether you are a business owner landlord property owner looking to maximize your profits we can help.

If you are in business, you know how important every sq foot is why would you ignore your roof massive sq ft or the side of your building just sitting out there in the sun.

Solar saves you money therefore makes you money.

If your business uses a lot of electricity in the daytime hours u need solar and best of all you are protected from any changes to the net metering program you will use all power generated by panels throughout the day.

There are Tax incentives as well.

If you are a landlord property owner, you lease out every available sq foot.

You have a hidden asset your roof it is massive sq feet are being wasted.

Lease your building and charge your tenants for electricity.

We will show you how.

Creates another revenue stream that will last for decades.

Flat roof sloped roof wall mounts solar awning we can handle them all.

We will work with you every step of the way.

Promotes green energy your tenant’s customers will appreciate without costing them any more money than if they bought their power from hydro or fortis.

An interesting side benefit to solar panels 1 a/c costs are lower solar panels prevent direct sunlight on your roof keeping it cooler 2 roofs under solar panels will last longer the panels shade the roof from the sun’s harmful rays.