About Sunward Solar & EV Charging

Within 15 years EVERY business, hotel, motel, house, apartment building, strata complex will need EV charging.

Meet the team who can help get you into Solar.

We are a small company with big partners and a provincial wide reach this is not just our business but our passion.

For our residential and commercial customers, we specialize in unique and different we are always thinking out of the box for our commercial customers.

We specialize in the design and installation of solar whether ground mount, roof mount or wall mount. We customize every installation using the very latest in technology we work with you at every step of the way.

For our commercial EV customers, we specialize in the design and install of EV charging. We are always thinking about how to maximize your EV charging with minimal cost.

Complete turnkey service from permitting installing commissioning and net metering application ground mount customization excavation we handle it all.

We offer an honest realization of what you can expect from your EV system we do not give you a best case, but an average based on high and low years we use several calculations based on government data with supplier data but the best data that we include are the installs we have completed all together we give you an honest expectation of what you will get from solar.